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Chilling article by economist Edward Yardeni

This commentary by Edward Yardeni, a talented economist is chilling. I've followed Yardeni for over 30 years and my clients have benefited thereby. He, like me, is uncomfortable with the likelihood of an inappropriate Federal funds cut later this month. Totally unnecessary and will hurt the dollar and may ignite a bubble in credit, stocks and other assets. READ THE [...]

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Trusted Financial: Quarter end report: 6-30-19

Hooray for the Wall !! No, we’re not talking about the controversial wall along the southern US border proposed by the Trump administration. We’re talking about the legendary “Wall of Worry“ that is said to give the most traction to a bull market. With nearly all economists in a recent Wall Street Journal survey (some 50 people) predicting a slowing [...]

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First Quarter Report – 2019

As of 3/31/2019 Mirror Image We’ve just completed a very good three-month period for investors in liquid assets, one of the best quarters for equities in a decade and a healthy rebound for the bond market as well. This quarter was a mirror image of the prior quarter, which saw the markets briefly drop 20% before a recovery began. The [...]

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Quarter End Report for the Period Ending 9-30-18

Improbably, U.S. stocks rose this past quarter, finally surmounting January’s record high, achieving yet another record. I say “improbably” because the summer is often a seasonally weak time for stocks, and the tone of acrimony and discord in the political arena had the potential to sap investor confidence. The picture for bonds was less exciting, however. With short and intermediate [...]

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Top investment managers agree with me…it’s a great time to build wealth!

Two of the best proven investment managers of the past 70 years appear to agree with my view that there are few apparent red flags to concern investors today. While client portfolios are always diversified and always weighted a bit cautious, I believe we are living through an epic era for liquid investments like stocks, bonds, REIT’s and Maser Limited Partnerships. THIS is a good time to build wealth for the future. Here’s what two giants have to say: READ MORE

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