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Trusted Financial’ s Year End Review 2021

For 2021,  U.S. stock markets were up about 19% to 27% depending upon which index is chosen for measure. The Standard & Poor’s Index notched seventy new all-time highs during 2021. Strength centered on well- known Big Technology names and integrated circuit (“chip”) companies, as well as oil and gas producers.  Our energy transportation holdings also did well. Globally, equities [...]

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Market Update August 20, 2021

Market Update August 20, 2021 Despite a wave of bad news, especially headline risk for leading Technology giants like Google, Facebook and Amazon, the broader indexes have managed to advance to record highs.  Let’s summarize a few of the worries: Reduced stimulus by the Fed: Recalling the bond market swoon in 2013 (AKA “Taper Tantrum”),  when Ben Bernanke’s Fed sought [...]

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Quarter end Report March 31, 2021

Quarter end Report March 31, 2021 The first  quarter of 2021 saw a decided turn from a “pandemic mentality” to re-opening euphoria. Elders  in most states were told they were first in line for one of the two approved Covid-19 vaccines but  found frustration in trying to get access. Thankfully, by mid-February, it became clear that cases and deaths from [...]

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