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The Economy and the Pandemic

This article confirms what I’m hearing anecdotally – people have been saving money during the Pandemic, with options for spending constrained. Meanwhile, our marvelous and ingenius people have found ways to work around Covid’s face-to-face constrictions and continue working and earning. Result: likely continued low interest rates and likely bull market […]

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Predicting the 2020 Election

The World Will (...) End with the Next Election (NOT) As we approach the November 3 election, I thought it might be useful to submit my thoughts on how different outcomes may affect the financial markets. These are the thoughts of someone with 46 years active involvement in financial markets: Markets have an uncanny way of “knowing” what the outcome will be, but this election is scrambled eggs so it’s hard to believe markets know what is coming. Let’s consider some possibilities:

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Quarter end Report March 31, 2020

Beyond the challenges to slowing the progression of Covid-19 and the heroic battle being fought by our medical professionals, the economic uncertainty caused by extreme distancing measures have made society impatient for a resolution.

Business owners, out-of-work hair stylists, waitresses, Uber drivers (and politicians) are anxious for the crisis to […]

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Market update March 16, 2020

"Trust in God, but tie up your camel" attributed to the Muslim prophet Muhammed

"Though April showers come your way, they bring the flowers that bloom in May" as sung by Al Jolson in 1921

Suppose I told you about an investment that could lose you money but has a 97% likelihood of being profitable? Would you consider this an investment with good odds of success? According to most health experts who have been observing the progress of the Corona virus (AKA “Covid 19”), only 3% of those who contract the virus die. Looked at another way, 97% of those who contract it survive. For the 8 out of 10 who become infected, the course of the illness, for people in good health, is relatively mild. While I have no desire to minimize this health challenge we face, I cannot but wonder at the extent of the equity market swoon it has prompted. The media, the markets and many in government, education and the entertainment world are reacting as if this were something out of one of those apocalypse movies. Are they overreacting? Let’s examine. READ MORE

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