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A Tale of Ten Years

October 9, 2007: U.S. Equities reach all all-time high as housing slumps”

This could have been the headline. With hindsight, we know that over the following 18 months the U.S. and world economies entered one of the most perilous episodes in economic history. A liquidity crisis engulfed major money center banks, well known insurance giants […]

A JPMorgan Whistle-Blower

Trusted Financial’s principal, Gary Miller was employed by the brokerage industry for 17 years. He voted with his feet, leaving a major Wall Street firm at the end of 2000, in part because he felt it was difficult to work in the best interest of his clients in that environment. The following article appears to […]

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Residential Real Estate: a Questionable Investment

The bursting of the real estate bubble during the Great Recession educated many investors: real estate is just another investment. Real estate, particularly rental real estate, is a Christmas tree promising lots of gifts…for those who sell, service, charge fees and tax property! When stripped of the hype that is churned out by local and […]

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EPA Assessments of Potential Impacts of Hydraulic Fracking

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency unable to find link between hydraulic fracturing of shale oil formations and ground water contamination:

“EPA: Assessment of the Potential Impacts of Hydraulic Fracturing for Oil and Gas on Drinking Water Resources – Executive Summary”
EPA – US Environmental Protection Agency | External Review Draft – June 2015

Since the early 2000s, oil and […]

Are Fracking Dangers Real?

Linked below is a New York Times article reporting that the Environmental Protection Agency, with appointees under the Obama Administration, have absolved hydraulic fracturing from accusations by hysterical “environmentalists” that the process is a danger to drinking water. As you will see from earlier postings I’ve not bought this propaganda. While we must always protect […]

Solo 401K Overview

DO YOU RUN YOUR business as a one-person show? Have we got a deal for you: the so-called solo 401(k) plan is a little known but very efficient way for self-employed folks to save for retirement.

This means you can quickly build up a substantial tax-deferred retirement account balance while cutting your annual income tax bills.

As […]

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“Before the Advice, Check Out the Adviser”- Article

A Thorough and Comprehensive overview of the Balkanized world of financial advice that leaves consumers exposed to predatory practices.

Before the Advice, Check Out the Advisor

Let us use this occasion to underscore that Trusted Financial, in all its dealings acts as a Fiduciary, seeking to represent the needs of and best interests of its clients. We are a Registered Investment Advisor, which as discussed in this article must act as Fiduciary and we are Certified Financial Planners which also holds us to this high standard.

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