Correlation Between Fracking & Ground Water Contamination?

///Correlation Between Fracking & Ground Water Contamination?

Correlation Between Fracking & Ground Water Contamination?

September 22, 2014

The National Academy of Sciences has published a study seeking to establish a link between the process of hydraulic fracturing and intrusion of methane into ground water.

To quote a summary of the study:
“Noble gas data appear to rule out gas contamination by upward migration from depth through overlying geological strata triggered by horizontal drilling or hydraulic fracturing.”

This is yet another objective report the belies the irrational media and environmentalist claim that “fracking” causes water pollution.  It confirms the report from 2012 below that while an oil or gas well, poorly finished can lead to ground water pollution, the process of fracturing stone in a formation that is separated by thousands of feet of rock from ground water sources, does not have any impact on the water.

The link to the full study::

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