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Quarter End Report March 29, 2018

Quarter and report March 29, 2018 A positive quarter despite higher volatility So often it is difficult to separate day to day market action and financial headlines from the big picture. The recently passed quarter was a perfect example. What we saw was a sudden return to a “normal“ market. When we speak of stocks, the sudden pop in volatility [...]

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Still positive on the economy and markets

Recently, we offered a number of reasons for optimism about continued economic expansion. We cautioned that even in good times markets, especially for stocks, can have serious corrections. The current correction in the stock market was overdue because certain investors decided they did not want to miss the bull market. Some have waited seven or eight years to get on [...]

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Year end 2017 Overview and Outlook

The year 2017 confirmed how difficult it is to project the course of financial markets. Any number of highly worrisome events characterized the year, yet financial markets: stock, bond, international, commodities and yes, Bitcoin seemed nearly impervious to bad news. The widely followed Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) rose from about 19,700 to 24,700, its best performance in eight years. [...]

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A Tale of Ten Years

“ October 9, 2007: U.S. Equities reach all all-time high as housing slumps” This could have been the headline. With hindsight, we know that over the following 18 months the U.S. and world economies entered one of the most perilous episodes in economic history. A liquidity crisis engulfed major money center banks, well known insurance giants like AIG had to [...]

Quarter-end Review September 30, 2017

The charts in this article, summarizing major world equity market performance, are instructive. Each has a vertical bar chart showing the range between high and low of the past 52 weeks. Virtually all markets, USA, Japan, China and European are near their 52 week highs. It has been a decade since all important world economies were expanding simultaneously. This bodes well for the future, and it is unlikely that this momentum will suddenly reverse. READ ARTICLE

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Scrutiny needed for Congressional aides’ investing activity

Capitalism is a wonderful system for efficiently allocating resources. It harnesses the power of individual profit incentive (AKA “greed”) to benefit society overall. However, when government fails to insure a level playing field for capitalist investors, confidence can quickly disappear, and the system can actually collapse. I urge you to read the article below and to contact your Congressional representatives to support much greater scrutiny of Congressional aides’ investing activity. 09-25-2017, From POLITICO, “Congressional aides risk conflicts with stock trades” by Maggie Severns. READ THE ARTICLE

On Sept. 28, 2016, three members of the Senate Judiciary Committee sent a letter to the Justice Department suggesting that the drug company Mylan was violating Medicaid laws. Nine days later, the Justice Department reached a massive $465 million settlement with the firm.READ THE ARTICLE

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